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Magnolia Health Plan Offers New Benefits to Qualified Medicaid Recipients

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December 1, 2010 – Mississippi is seeking to improve the health of its Medicaid recipients in 2011 through a new healthcare initiative scheduled to roll out January 1, 2011. The Mississippi Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN) is a statewide coordinated care program designed to improve the quality and availability of care for eligible Medicaid recipients in all 82 counties in Mississippi.

Magnolia Health Plan (Magnolia) has been named one of two coordinated care organizations (CCO) <that will provide healthcare services to eligible Mississippi Medicaid beneficiaries in the MississippiCAN program. Through this initiative, Magnolia will work with the Mississippi Department of Medicaid (DOM) and local healthcare providers to promote preventative healthcare and wellness among plan members.

 "Magnolia has teamed up with a broad network of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers across the state to ensure that every participant has access to quality healthcare," said <Pamela Shipley,Magnolia’s chief executive officer. The organization will also provide educational and support services for many of Mississippi’s most serious health concerns, as well as special programs designed to encourage participants to play a more proactive role in their healthcare management. 

"Adopting a coordinated care approach to the way we implement healthcare in Mississippi has been proven to delay and, in certain cases, prevent the progression of many chronic diseases," says Thomas Joiner, MD, a family practice physician in Raymond. "In addition, providing support services and educational opportunities to the patients and their caregivers enables them to become more involved in managing their care. Patients participating in these programs often receive more consistent care, are satisfied with their coverage, and are less likely than fee-for-service beneficiaries to report trouble receiving care." Jasmin Chapman, DDS, Executive Director of the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center says, "This plan works to ensure the Medicaid recipient gets all the care they need in the proper setting, including helping the recipient get to their doctor, is able to take their medications, visits a specialist when referred, and only goes to the emergency room when it's an emergency situation." To assist in patient compliance and practice management, Magnolia will have care management staff located throughout the state in selected high-volume community health center locations.

Beneficiaries who select Magnolia will still receive the same benefits they have with Medicaid Fee-for-service today. However, several new benefits will be available including additional prescription medications, increased coverage for office visits, and enhanced vision benefits. Eligible members will receive medical devices to monitor their health conditions at home – such as a pulse oximeter to check oxygen levels and blood pressure monitors. The plan also features a 24-hour toll-free health information line staffed by registered nurses available to answer medical and healthcare questions.

Medicaid beneficiaries eligible for the MississippiCAN program are individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), have a disabled child living at home, are working and disabled, are children in foster care, and those who are part of the State Department of Health’s breast and cervical cancer program. Magnolia is a long-term solution to help the state of Mississippi enhance the care for Medicaid recipients while more effectively managing Medicaid funds. Through its MississippiCAN line of business, based in downtown Jackson, it is bringing approximately 125 new jobs to Mississippi. A physician-driven, Mississippi-based Medicaid CCO, Magnolia is backed by its parent company, Centene Corporation (Centene). Centene has over 25 years of experience in Medicaid and other government-funded programs, such as SSI, foster care, and long-term care. For more information about Magnolia Health Plan, please visit